ML Polyolefins resumed production

ML Polyolefins resumed production

After last week's fire of one of the raw material warehouses, ML Polyolefins has resumed production. Following the firefighting operation, full production capacity was reached on 20 November 2021. As has been proven by the air testing conducted by the Delegation of the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Elbląg, no hazardous chemical substances are present after the fire, and thus, there is no risk to the life or health of people. The activities of the services are still ongoing in order to establish the cause of the fire.

The company is currently operating on a normal basis, both in terms of receiving deliveries of raw materials and the processing of regranulate shipments to counterparties. After the activities being carried out by the state services are completed, the employees are going to proceed with cleaning up the burnt site and rebuilding the storage infrastructure. Similarly, the estimation of the full extent of destruction and losses shall only take place after all the activities at the scene of the event are finalized. None of the employees or the infrastructure related to production have suffered as a result of the fire.

The fulfillment of contractual obligations remains unchallenged and the production and shipment schedule, after minor adjustments, has already been aligned with the counterparties.

We wish to thank you for all the words of support we have received from many companies in Poland and abroad. We are ready to continue working in order to implement the Circular Economy concept in which recycling companies are a key element.