K.D. Feddersen distributes Poketone from Hyosung Chemical in Europe

K.D. Feddersen distributes…

Hamburg-based plastics distributor K.D. Feddersen is expanding its portfolio with polyketone.

Since 2015, K.D. Feddersen Ueberseegesellschaft mbH, with its Polymers & Compounding Technology business unit, is mainly selling the extrusion grades of polyketone from Hyosung Chemical to the compounding industry.

In addition, all the polyketone material grades belonging to Hyosung's Poketone brand are now also supplied by K.D. Feddersen GmbH & Co. KG and its regional subsidiaries in Germany and Europe. With this engineering plastic, the distributor places its special focus on application-technical advice.

With this engineering plastic, the distributor places its special focus on application development support.

Plugs for many different applications made of Poketone

"Polyketone is a unique polymer and the materials made from it are all-rounders," says Hermann Legatzki, Head of Product Management at K.D. Feddersen. "Poketone is an excellent addition to the engineering plastics such as polyamide, POM and PBT in our range."

Even the raw materials olefin and CO and their use for the polymerisation are special. Poketone is versatile, has various approvals, including FDA, KTW, WRAS and can therefore be used for food applications, drinking water applications, cosmetic packaging or toys. Flame-retardant products with UL approval are also available. The good tribological properties and the high chemical resistance are to be emphasised. The gas and hydrocarbon barrier properties of polyketone are also outstanding and at the highest level compared to other polymeric materials. The material is a particularly good alternative in the automotive sector, the electrical and electronics industry and in mechanical engineering. 

At K.D. Feddersen, various polyketone compounds from the Korean manufacturer are available in black as well as in natural for self-coloring. In cooperation with AF-Color, a branch of the sister company Akro-Plastic GmbH, individual masterbatch solutions can be offered. 

Gear wheels require very good sliding properties, which polyketone offers

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