Invista introduces Torzen resin

Invista introduces Torzen…
Invista, the world’s largest producer of polyamide 6.6 polymer, introduces Torzen resin, its premium polyamide brand for engineering polymers.

“The Torzen brand is a celebration of the progress we’ve made and success we’ve already experienced,” said Kurt Burmeister, executive vice president of Invista Engineering Polymers. “It represents high-quality, high-value polyamide 6.6 from Invista and a commitment to continue creating long-term value for our customers.”

The launch of the new brand comes at a time of growth for Invista Engineering Polymers, in Europe and around the globe. Company sales in compounding resin are steadily growing, and prime feedstock sales have more than doubled in the past 12 months.

“To most of this market, we are still a relatively young business,” said Burmeister. “But what a lot of people don’t know is that we’ve been selling high-quality polyamide 6.6 for decades; the difference is that now, we have expanded our downstream capabilities to sell directly to molders, tiers and OEMs.”
Invista has added a range of compounded products to its engineering polymers portfolio, including products with long heat aging performance designed to meet demanding under-the-hood requirements in automobiles.

Since the business launched in 2009, Invista has used a network of compounders to support the company’s operations. The use of third-party compounders allowed Invista to speed its products to market and begin its exponential growth. Now, with a business presence in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, Invista is pursuing the second phase of its development: investing in compounding capabilities of its own.

“We plan to invest in polymer and compounding assets around the globe, both at existing Invista facilities and potential, new facilities,” said Burmeister.
Invista Engineering Polymers offers a variety of polyamide 6.6 products for use in numerous applications. While approximately 45 percent of Invista’s current sales go into the automotive market, the company also sells to markets such as electrical and electronics, consumer, and industrial.