Interview with Dr. Clemens Willée, CEO Mauser Group

Since the 1960s, Mauser has been designing, developing and building high performance blow-molding machines. What is the biggest company success in this field?
The blow-molding machines have been originally designed for our own production. In the early 1970s, Mauser started to sell blow-molding systems and to grant licences to the world market. So we are able to ensure high-quality solutions all over the world, enabling our partners to realize new growth opportunities. In addition to providing machines, Mauser makes available its entire experience of packaging and blow-molding technology to its partners and licensees worldwide.

The Mauser programme includes tailor-made high performance blow-molding machines for containers from 20 to 1.500 litres, state-of-the art blow-molds and the full range of up- and downstream equipment for the most cost-efficient production of industrial plastic packaging.

The company says in an official statement that after a successful year in 2010, it is well-positioned and looks confidently into the future. What are the main reasons of this optimism?
In 2010, Mauser has experienced increasing demand in all product areas and countries – in particular due to the upswing in the chemical and oil/lubricants industries.

We are expecting demand to be strong this year as well in these sectors.
However, we still face greater challenges in terms of rising electricity, transport and freight costs as well as volatile raw material prices. But Mauser is known as an innovative and reliable company that meets the specific needs of its customers, which is the decisive factor for them.

Mauser will be one of the exhibitors at interpack 2011. What are your expectations related to this trade fair? Will you show any novelties during interpack?
Interpack is an important platform for Mauser that gives us the opportunity to get in touch with our target group face-to-face. Our presence there will be dedicated to the ECO-CYCLE concept.

Innovative light-weight plastic packaging, new materials and more sustainable plastic drum concepts as well as background information like LCA and Carbon Footprint data are only a few topics we would like to share and discuss openly with our visitors. To us, sustainability and sustainable packaging is not a one-way street – it involves exchange, communication and cooperation.

Interpack will be the perfect platform to reflect on the ecological and economic benefits which we clearly see with our future-oriented ECO-CYCLE concept.

One of your slogans is “We protect your business and our planet”. What does it mean? What is a secret of this motto?
There is not much secret about this motto. It is the perfect summary of what we do and what Mauser stands for. We provide industrial packaging solutions often used for transport of hazardous and sensitive filling goods.

Doing this in the most responsible and reliable way and in conformity with applicable regulations, our packaging protects our clients’ products as well as their reputation. By combining new and reconditioned packaging, we offer economical benefits and help our clients to reduce their packaging spendings and to operate their business in a more successful way.

At the same time our approach reduces the environmental impact of packaging. Recollection and reuse as well as reduction and material recycling are the aspects to address in terms of a more responsible use of limited resources on our planet. With industrial packaging solutions made by Mauser, economy and ecology go hand in hand – we protect your business and our planet.