Innovative Therban solution with new Termonomer

Innovative Therban solution… Arlanxeo, a global manufacturer of synthetic elastomers, will present its new terpolymer Therban ST 3107 VP at DKT 2018 (German Rubber Conference). The fully hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR) has a new, innovative termonomer, which has never been used before with HNBR rubbers.

"With the new Therban ST 3107 VP, we can now offer our customers a unique solution for the most complex types of applications, where good low-temperature flexibility combined with excellent oil resistance is required," says Susanna Lieber, Global Head of Technical Marketing in the Arlanxeo business for Therban. "Our new Therban product can reduce the glass transition temperature by up to 10°C in rubber compounds, while maintaining excellent media resistance. With these properties, it is setting new standards," Lieber adds.

A patent application has been filed for the new Therban ST 3107 VP, which was developed at Arlanxeo’s sites in Dormagen, Germany, and La Wantzenau, France.

The hydrogenated nitrile rubber Therban is an innovative high-performance rubber specially developed by Arlanxeo for the most complex applications. The elastomer offers good resistance to high temperatures and in contact with fuels, oil and gas, as well as excellent mechanical properties. The various Therban products are therefore used in fields such as the automotive industry for the production of timing belts and the oil extraction industry in stator/rotor systems for drilling.

Source: Arlanxeo