Injecting greenery for the plastics and rubber industries

In order to uphold the social responsibility and in pursuit of the green vision, people is going to rely heavily on the new and high-technology plastics and rubber products. It is not difficult to understand that the future development of plastics and rubber industries will enjoy a brilliant future.

Guangdong is one of the major provinces in China specializing in plastics products manufacturing. According to industry data, Guangdong province occupies a one-fifth of plastics manufacturing as well as two-fifth of the export values among the whole China. Moreover, one-fifth of the major plastics manufacturing enterprises are situated in Guangdong province.

During a press conference held in Guangzhou in the morning of March 8, Mr Stanley Chu, Chairman of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, Organizer of Chinaplas, stated that, Guangdong, being the largest province of the plastics industry, should strive for excellence by constantly undergoing production upgrading and transformation. Chinaplas 2012 is the world's largest plastics and rubber exhibition this year so that enterprises could source chemicals & raw materials, machines and equipment at the exhibition, and they could also participate in professional seminars for knowledge sharing and understanding of the market's latest and most efficient plastics and rubber technology, which would help strengthening the competitiveness of the South China enterprises.

Mr. Fu An, the Chairman of Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, one of the supporting units of Chinaplas 2012, supplemented that local enterprises were advised to visit Chinaplas 2012 to upgrade themselves and to help maintaining the status of Guangdong Province to be the largest province of plastics manufacturing industry in China. Additionally, he also encouraged the enterprises to enhance their technological level and replace traditional materials by applying new materials, equipment and technology, in order to narrow the gap with the international standard in the shortest period of time.

Highlighted Concurrent Event "The Future Zone"
To tie in with the theme of "The Future is in Plastics and Rubber", the organizer has created a concurrent event named "Future Zone" to showcase the boundless creativity on plastics application. One of the activities is called "Nurturing Our Future" program which will collaborate students of University and experts from the automotive and the plastics and rubber industries to combine plastics and rubber applications, technology and innovation for creating a brand new design of a "Future Car".

Three groups of finalists include: (1) LeoHunter - inspired by Leopard's speedy movement and flexibility. The essence is super lightweight, high stability and high speed; (2) Elf - the design is derived from the concept of military flight. The car body applies materials with ultimate strength and light-weight character with 360 degrees panoramic view without any blind spot, which greatly enhance its safety. (3) Batshark - inspired by the elegant and agile marine creature called bat shark. Its car body is made of special materials, utilizing solar energy as major power supply.

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