Injecting greenery for the plastics and rubber industries

Injecting greenery for the…
The plastics and rubber technology is developing at a rocket speed. As a result of the increasing concerns from the public over environmental protection issues; the changing of industry towards high technology and automation; as well as the latest 12th Five-year Plan launched by China Government emphasizing on energy-saving, the plastics and rubber industries are heading towards the road of green and high-technology manufacturing.

At the same time, the market has been increasingly demanding for environmental friendly consumer goods with high-quality, lightweight and high performance. It causes the manufacturers to look for new production materials which can meet the expectation. Under such circumstance, the industry players are striking hard to develop high-end plastics and rubber materials and to explore new applications on various industries in order to meet global market development.

The 26th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (known as "Chinaplas 2012") is an exhibition which has been dedicatedly demonstrating the world's cutting-edge plastics and rubber technology, and it will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, China, from 18th to 21st April 2012. Aimed at uniting the direction of industry development and building of an effective platform to assist the industry in implementing the green concept, the exhibition will actively align itself with the rapid development of China's plastics and rubber industries by showcasing advanced products, technologies and solutions from local and overseas. More importantly, Chinaplas 2012 will introduce new technology, concepts and designs, together with energy saving products to various industries and demonstrate high value-added new materials and innovative products in large scale to meet the procurement needs of buyers all over the world.


New Theme "The Future is in Plastics and Rubber"
It is important for an exhibition to have a clear and effective theme in order to lead all the participants to a common goal. Continued with the successful theme of "Green Plastics-Our Goal-Our Future" last year, Chinaplas 2012 has further refined the theme for this year to be "The Future is in Plastics and Rubber". It carries the meaning that plastics and rubber are new materials and are closely related to all aspects of our life. With their wide range of application, the new materials play a vital role in improving our future life and promoting the continuous development of other industries, through contributing enormously on energy conservation and environmental protection.

Due to different features including high flexibility, lightweight, low density, easy processing, high insulation and easy for recycling, plastics and rubber materials have been widely used among various industries, including their major user industries, such as automotive, electronics & electrical appliances, packaging, building & construction, plus other sectors, such as medical, lighting, photovoltaic, textiles, brewery, bottled water, food, packaging and printing, umbrella, watches, optical, shoes and bags industries, in which plastics and rubber materials and machines are applied to different extents during their production processes.

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