Ineos Styrolution receives prestigious ICIS Innovation Award

Ineos Styrolution receives…

Ineos Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has been chosen joint winner of the ICIS Innovation Awards in the category “Innovation with Best Benefit for Environment and Sustainability”.

The award recognises Ineos Styrolution’s actions to drive chemical recycling of polystyrene forward. The company is working with global technology leaders on closed loop solutions for polystyrene by polymerising styrene from previously depolymerised polystyrene. With developing solutions for a circular economy for styrenics being on top of the company’s agenda, chemical recycling of polystyrene is one of the key projects for Ineos Styrolution.

Chemical recycling solutions are part of the recently announced Ineos Styrolution ECO family of solutions for the circular economy of styrenics¹. Details about these solutions are available at

Norbert Niessner, Director Global R&D/ Intellectual Property, comments: “Earlier this year, we were able to establish a proof of concept with first runs of polystyrene production from previously depolymerised polystyrene in lab/pilot scale. We are now working on commercialising the solution.” He adds: “We build our process on the unique chemical property of polystyrene that allows us to reverse the polymerisation process. Polystyrene made from depolymerised waste has identical properties as the initial material. In other words: the process does not result in downcycling, and the new material will even meet food contact quality.”

Sven Riechers, Vice President Business Management Standard Products, EMEA, remarks: “We are committed to make depolymerisation of polystyrene the basis for a circular business model for styrenics. We see post-consumer waste as a valuable resource. This approach will maximise the potential of post-consumer waste as a valuable resource and also contribute to a cleaner environment.”

He continues: “Polystyrene has contributed to the well-being of our society for many decades. It contributes to reducing food waste by preserving food and by extending shelf life. In addition, it helps to save energy with lightweight solutions in the automotive industry and with insulation solutions in the construction industry. With chemical recycling we can continue to produce new polystyrene at the same high quality standards that our customers are used to receiving from us – with no impact on the environment or on future generations.”

The ICIS Innovation Award was handed over at a special ceremony on December 13, 2019 at The Savoy Hotel in central London.

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