Hybrid drive system combines the benefits of electric and hydraulic technology

Hybrid drive system combines…

Electric drives are becoming increasingly important in injection moulding, particularly with regard to energy efficiency. However, hydraulic drives are not without their advantages, providing powerful injection capacities and cost efficiency. The ideal solution is to combine both drive systems, as the Allrounders from Arburg’s new generation of machines successfully demonstrate: the Allrounder 470 H anniversary machine is characterised by low acquisition and operating costs, a reduced carbon footprint and an energy requirement equivalent to that of electric machines.

The hybrid-driven injection moulding machines from Arburg’s Hidrive (H) series combine a precise electric closing unit with a dynamic hydraulic injection unit. The results of a visitor survey conducted at Arburg’s Technology Days in March 2023 confirm that the anniversary machine offers an attractive drive concept.

Hybrid technology a hit with injection moulding companies

Among those surveyed, 96% thought that the new hybrid Allrounder 470 H was a suitable replacement for hydraulic machines, while 95% considered it to be a suitable replacement for electric ones. Gerhard Boehm, Managing Director Sales and Service at Arburg, explains, "The idea behind this machine technology was well received by visitors, as evidenced by the survey results. Respondents found the concept extremely interesting – for both technical injection moulding and demanding applications, for example in the automotive and packaging industries. Our hybrid anniversary machine, which comes in three performance variants, shows that we keep our finger firmly on the pulse. We have hit the nail on the head because it saves energy, conserves resources and is production-efficient, user-friendly and reliable all at the same time. In addition, most machine operators are familiar with hydraulic injection units and can benefit fully from their advantages."

To celebrate "100 years of the Hehl family company", Guido Frohnhaus (left), Arburg’s Managing Director Technology & Engineering, and Gerhard Boehm, Managing Director Sales and Service, presented the world premiere of the hybrid Allrounder 470 H anniversary machine in February 2023.

Only benefits from Arburg’s perspective

Thanks to the integration of the servo motor manufacturer AMKmotion into the Arburg family, development and production of the entire powertrain can be handled in-house. This applies primarily to Allrounder injection moulding machines, including the inverter and motor which form the centrepiece of the closing system, but also to the mould technology, for example.

The planetary roller screw drive in combination with liquid-cooled motors is ideally suited to high-end injection moulding tasks. Using this electric direct drive, which is integrated into the hybrid machines in the Premium and Ultimate performance variants, for example, all positions can be started up extremely quickly and precisely while achieving load-resistant power transmission and a high power density over a long service life – even when the machine is running at full load.

The kinematics of the double five-point toggle system is optimally adapted to the electric drive. This provides for symmetrical force application during movements and mould locking – even with heavy moulds. The toggle can also be adapted with ease to different mould installation heights by means of a servo-electric adjustment system.

Automatic clamping force regulation, which generates a consistent locking force and thus automatically compensates for the thermal expansion of the mould, is available as an option.

Electric clamping unit: the Premium performance variant of the hybrid Allrounder 470 H includes an electric toggle-type clamping unit as part of its standard equipment. This is energy-efficient and precise, driven by a planetary roller screw drive.

Dynamic hydraulic injection unit

Homogeneous material preparation and precise injection are additional prerequisites for high-quality part production. Hydraulic drives have been a staple of injection moulding for decades and for good reason: they are sophisticated, robust, durable and low maintenance. They are particularly well suited to high levels of material throughput and generate high forces that can be maintained during any length of holding pressure phase.
Depending on the performance variant, the hybrid Allrounders in the Hidrive series combine regulated injection, dynamic hydraulic accumulator technology and an energy-saving servo-electric dosage drive to achieve a high plasticising flow rate.


Hydraulic injection unit: the Comfort and Premium performance variants of the hybrid Allrounder 470 H are equipped with the Arburg servo hydraulic system (ASH). Thanks to this technology, the drive system adjusts continuously to the actual power requirement.


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