Huntsman to highlight elastomers that help stretch Film & Sheet possibilities at K 2019

Huntsman to highlight elastomers…

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) elastomers, designed for consumer and industrial film and sheet applications, will be a key talking point for Huntsman at this year’s K show. During K, Huntsman, a leading global producer of TPUs for the film and sheet industry, will promote the wide range of Irogran, Irostic and Krystalgran TPU elastomers it produces for barrier, adhesive and surface protection films.

For the barrier film market, Huntsman produces a range of Irogran TPUs. These highly durable, abrasion, puncture and tear resistant elastomers, are widely found in athleisure and technical textiles; cure-in-place pipe (CIPP) liners; and inflatables. Key products include Irogran A 80 P 5039 TPU and Irogran A 85 P 4394 TPU - two ether-based materials that can be used to create breathable membranes for pitched roof applications.

In the world of adhesive films, Huntsman offers a range of solvent-free, environmentally friendly, permanent thermo-bonding materials. Available under Huntsman’s Irogran and Irostic brands, these TPUs enable new design and performance possibilities in the manufacture of footwear; waterproof clothing; stitchless / seamless garments; and clothing labels. Irogran A 60 E 4902 TPU is a key product, which is used to laminate fabrics for garments where softness and elasticity are a key requirement.

In surface protection applications, Krystalgran TPUs are well known for delivering films with excellent abrasion, scratch and outdoor UV resistance. Product uses include leading edge protection for helicopter and wind turbine blades; textile coatings; and the production of synthetic leather for transportation, footwear, clothing and bags. A key product is Krystalgran PN03-221 TPU - a benchmark solution for paint protection films for transportation and energy applications.

During K, Huntsman will also showcase its family of finished Krystalflex TPU films for safety glazing applications. Setting the standard for interlayer lamination in the glazing industry, Krystalflex TPU films are tough enough to deliver peace of mind in extreme glazing environments including the aerospace industry, high speed trains, and even bulletproof applications.

Source: Huntsman

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