Hexpol TPE presents its solutions at Plastpol 2015

Hexpol TPE presents its solutions at Plastpol 2015
Hexpol TPE, the global TPE compounding group that brings together the Elasto businesses in Sweden, UK and China and Müller Kunststoffe in Germany, will be exhibiting for the first time at this year’s Plastpol exhibition (26 – 29 May, Kiecle, Poland, stand D62).

Particular focus will be their Dryflex and Lifoflex TPE compounds for electrical and electronics applications. The group has developed several solutions that combine the functional performance and soft-touch aesthetics required for consumer electronics, white goods, connectors and electrical items.

Conductive grades are available to protect electrical devices from electrostatic charge or where the end product needs to be ATEX rated. The conductive TPE compounds can be individually adjusted within a range from 101 to about 105 Ωm. They are available in 15 Shore A to 60 Shore D hardnesses.

Dryflex and Lifoflex TPE compounds offer excellent colourability and durability, with resistance to UV, flex-fatigue and wear and tear. They can also be used in combination with various thermoplastic substrates including PP, PE, PC, ABS and PA in multi-component applications.

For sealing applications in white goods such as washing machines, dishwashers and dryers, where there are requirements for higher service temperatures or resistance to fluids, Hexpol TPE can offer their Dryflex V range of Thermoplastic Vulcanisate (TPV) compounds.

Dryflex V grades have been designed to retain compression set and dynamic sealing properties over long periods of time and at elevated temperatures. Fluid resistance testing in various detergents and washing fluids has been carried out to ensure the material’s long term stability and property retention. Grades are available with low viscosity and high-flow properties for injection moulded sealing applications with long and complex flow paths.

Sven-M. Druwen, European sales co-ordinator at Hexpol TPE commented "Electrical and electronics is an interesting market for TPEs and one where we are seeing particular growth in Eastern Europe. Plastpol is therefore an ideal platform for us to showcase the extensive range of customised TPS and TPV solutions we have developed."