Gabriel-Chemie publishes its first sustainability report

Gabriel-Chemie publishes its…

Gabriel-Chemie attaches great importance to a healthy balance between economic, environmental and social issues. Therefore, sustainability on all levels is at the heart of our business and this extends to the entire value creation chain of the family-run company from Austria. 

Team spirit, trust and an open exchange are the basic values Gabriel-Chemie encourages on a daily basis. As an innovative and learning organisation, after 70 years, the company continues to face changes being made by a third generation with a positive approach. 

‘We want to generate added value for our customers!’ This sentence is decisive for guiding and influencing the sustainability strategy for the Gabrile-Chemie Group. Accordingly, the development of our relationships to customers and branded goods manufacturers is key for our company’s future development. Fair and sustainable business models have the highest priority in daily business. 

Gabriel-Chemie makes plastic valuable. The promotion of the Circular Economy depends on the durability of plastics, improved recyclability and sustainable end products. 

Sustainable products

Gabriel-Chemie has put the entire value creation chain under the microscope, with a focus on significant sustainability aspects. This includes the procurement of raw materials, transport and also research and development. In regard to this the family-run company places particular emphasis on production. The focus here is on employees and the environment. 

Sustainable resources 

The careful use of resources and the continuous reduction of environmental impact are significant components of the production process. However, a company is only as good as its employees. According to this motto, Gabriel-Chemie ensures health and safety at work as well as a work-life balance, numerous training programmes and active communication within the entire company.

Sustainable procurement

In terms of procurement strategy, Gabriel-Chemie places considerable value on the use of the highest quality materials and comprehensive specialist skills in regard to the development and manufacturing process. In order to guarantee the best quality standards for its customers, the Austrian company uses high-performance, innovative and reliable suppliers. Environmental protection, safety at work and human rights play key roles in the sustainability-orientated decision-making process. In addition, Gabriel-Chemie is committed to long-term cooperation with regional producers from Europe, in order to increase regional value creation as much as possible.

Careful use of resources and continuous reduction of environmental impact are essential approaches in our business activities and are integrated into the processes. Gabriel-Chemie continuously improves its environmental performance through continuous optimisation of our production processes and raising awareness among the employees. In this way, the family-run business creates a basis for the responsible handling of the resources used. 

Sustainable energy 

Gabriel-Chemie has also planned the construction of a photovoltaic system at its Austrian headquarters and sets itself the goal of reducing the proportion of fossil energy used in the group-wide electricity mix by 30 per cent. The Austrian masterbatch manufacturer has also set itself the goal of reducing recyclable plastic waste by 50 per cent through careful production planning. 

The first sustainability report of the Gabriel-Chemie Group sends a clear message in regard to the changes and challenges of the plastics industry. The company acknowledges the need for future-orientated action and embraces its social, environmental and economic responsibilities.