For more sustainability in the automotive industry

Production in the cleanroom

"We run this production process under cleanroom conditions. Thus, not a grain of dust can sneak in between the coating and the substrate surface while the mold is open." Accordingly, the entire system is equipped with a cleanroom enclosure. "In this way, we achieve very low scrap rates", emphas Luckner.

Efficient and sustainable production

Initially, ColorForm was developed for greater production efficiency and specific effects for vehicle interior components. At Techniplas, the MXW 1000 ColorForm system puts those qualities on full display. Today, however, aspects such as workplace safety and the CO2 footprint of the technology compared to other production methods are becoming more and more important. Again, the ColorForm process scores points here in multiple areas. Moreover, ColorForm components are increasingly used even in the exterior area because here as well, a classy appearance is a selling point for end customers.

Increased potential for saving

Not only is the ColorForm technology eliminate the need to transport and paint components, and to invest in a painting plant – the ColorForm components are also ready for installation as they are discharged from the highly automated production cell. This saves both production time and money for buffer storage and drying of the components.

The swivel plate for the thermoplastic substrate makes the MXW 1000 from KraussMaffei particularly productive.

Upgrade in difficult times

For the system that has been put into operation now, Techniplas used an existing MXW 1000 injection molding machine from KraussMaffei as the basis. Techniplas had the MXW retrofitted at its manufacturer's main factory in Munich's Allach neighborhood. "There, all necessary equipment is available on-site, and commissioning at the TechCenter was also completed on schedule – both for the injection molding machine and for the PUR technology, that is, for the RimStar Flex with two MK 5-2K CCM mixing heads for simultaneous production of two components. This cannot be taken for granted under the current basic conditions determined by the pandemic," says Luckner.

Two MK5-2K CCM mixing heads ensure high productivity of the ColorForm system at Techniplas.

New control system and ORCA cooling

The MXW 1000 was not just retrofitted for ColorForm technology. Its control system was also completely upgraded to the MC6 control system, and a new ORCA cooling system was installed. "The system performs a contact-free temperature measurement, which minimizes maintenance. The technology allows us to control the twenty cooling circuits of the MXW precisely and thus makes a critical contribution to the high, uniform quality of the components," explains Luckner.

At Techniplas, the MXW 1000 ColorForm from KraussMaffei produces premium-quality automotive components.

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