Fakuma 2011 closer and closer

Ultimately, more than just additional or new approaches to increasing efficiency in all areas of plastics processing result in combination with Fakuma’s broad-based, but nevertheless well focused, product and service offerings. Fakuma focuses its attention deliberately, and with lasting success, on plastics processing, and in doing so it represents worldwide hardware, software and service offerings for the field of plastics processing.

Last edition of Fakuma which held in October 2009 was characterised by stability and confidence despite tough times. More than 1500 exhibitors from over 30 countries occupied more than 910,000 square feet of overall exhibition floor space at the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre. 37,281 expert visitors from more than 90 countries gathered information on-site. Numerous exhibitors who came to Friedrichshafen with relatively low expectations reported well filled order books at the end of the event. In the opinion of all involved parties, Fakuma 2009 took place at precisely the right time and provided the market with powerful impetus for lasting business.

Fakuma 2009 has made it plainly apparent: The industry is not fixated solely on better times after the crisis, and is consistentl y paving the way for more productivity and efficiency now. And the next Fakuma from 18th through 22nd October 2011 will once again substantiate its qualities as a “plastics ambassador” and a “trailblazer for solutions with plastics”, which opens up tremendous future opportunities for the entire industry with regard to efficient use of resources, lightweight construction and energy efficiency. Innovative companies can shape their own economic situations as a result.

The 21st Fakuma will support all market players in their effort to emerge from the current economic low point stronger than ever. For this reason, interesting forums. workshops and special shows will round out the spectrum of offerings presented at Fakuma 2011.

Trade fair promoter P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG organises six different public exhibitions in Germany and 20 technical trade fairs at the international level. Motek (handling technology), Control (quality assurance) and Optatec (optical technologies) are the world’s leading events in their respective industries. Fakuma (plastics processing) and Blechexpo (sheet metal processing) are each considered number two throughout the world. Trade fairs held at the new Stuttgart Exhibition Centre including Motek, Control and Blechexpo, occupied roughly 1,990,000 square feet of floor space in a total of 15 halls in 2009. Approximately 3000 companies exhibited their products and services on 12 trade fair days. 75,000 international guests visited the trade fair halls in Stuttgart during this time. Depending upon which events take place in each respective year, the Schall group generates an annual turnover of about €28 million with roughly 40 employees.