FCS at Chinaplas 2023

All-Electric Two-Component injection Molding System: CT-R series

FCS recently launched the CT-R series all-electric two-component injection molding machine, which is ideal for high-precision and high-cleanliness multi-color molding. The injection part has multiple independent material tube groups, enabling simultaneous injection and greatly reducing the molding cycle. The electric turntable is fast and stable, with a speed increase of 30%-50% and an accuracy of 0.005°. The injection seat features a wire rail that reduces feeding back pressure to almost 0, effectively reducing glue overflow from the nozzle or hot runner. The machine's European top-level servo drive system and controller allow for injection speeds up to 200 mm/sec, with an injection control accuracy of up to 0.01 mm. The new 21.5-inch touchscreen enables intelligent manufacturing capabilities.

During this event, the CT-280R model will demonstrate the injection molding of two-component 16+16 cavity of cryovial tubes, using a fully automatic take-out laser marking production system with a 12-second molding cycle. The combination of two-component electric technology and intelligent automation achieves clean, unmanned, and high-efficiency production for medical applications, promoting the development of high-quality, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly products.

Cryovial tubes produced by CT-280R

All-Electric IMM with In Mold Labeling Molding System: CT-e Series

The CT-e series all-electric injection molding machine is the ideal solution for precision plastic parts and in-mold labeling. With an injection speed of up to 300 mm/sec and a repeat accuracy of 0.01 mm, the machine offers faster and more accurate mold adjustments through closed-loop control. It is also unaffected by oil pollution and temperature changes, ensuring high process stability while contributing to environmental protection through the integration of plastic materials and labels.
During this event, FCS will showcase the CT-450e model with a 12-cavity yogurt cup in-mold labeling machine developed by Gech Automation, enabling unmanned production in a 40-square-meter area with a quick 5-second production cycle.

IML yogurt cups produced by CT-450e.

Thin-Wall/High-Speed/Two-color/IML Turnkey Solution:SA-h Series (at Brosen booth 7B41)

Furthermore, FCS has partnered with Brosen to launch a special edition of SA-380h thin-wall packaging two-component high-speed molding system. The imported materials and advanced equipment used in Brosen's molds offer precision control up to 0.0002 mm. The innovative special edition machine combines the advantages of the SA-h model (injection speed of 445 mm/sec) with FCS's two-component molding technology and Brosen's research and development capabilities, adding a top-side injection system to the high-speed injection molding machine to form a two-component high-speed molding machine. The resulting two-component high-speed injection molding process achieves the lid spoon integration of a 12+12 cavity two-component lid and a spoon with a molding cycle of just 5 seconds. The machine is also equipped with Gech Automation fully automatic in-mold labeling and lid-spoon assembly system, significantly improving production efficiency, and lowering equipment and factory investment costs to meet various production needs of customers.

Welcome to visit FCS Booth 7D21 in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shenzhen) from April 17 to 20, 2023. We provide differentiated technology integration and services in the injection molding industry, more colorful exploration of plastic world, and more excellent solutions for your products. FCS will bring new molding machine and to assist the customers to move towards the 4.0 "intelligent" manufacturing opportunities.