Engel at VDI conference in Mannheim

Engel at VDI conference in…
Lower weight, more comfort and lower unit costs - such are the automotive industry's requirements for vehicle components. Integrated plastics solutions play a decisive role in meeting these requirements. At the international congress "Plastics in Automotive Engineering", on April 2-3, 2014 in Mannheim, Germany, Engel Austria will be presenting innovative products and technologies for greater efficiency and competitiveness in automobile production.

Economic processes for composite components

Lightweight design will be one of the focuses of Engel's presentation at the VDI event. Engel is a leading partner to the international automotive industry in this market sector. At its own technology centre for lightweight composites, Engel co-operates closely with customers and partner enterprises, as well as with universities and research institutes, on developing economic processes for the mass production of innovative composite components. Special attention is given to the processing of semi-finished thermoplastic products (organic sheets and tapes) and to reactive technologies that use thermosetting and thermoplastic systems, such as HP-RTM and in-situ polymerisation. In cooperation with ZF Friedrichshafen, Engel recently established an important milestone at the K 2013 with the very first one-shot process for the production of composite brake pedals using the Engel organomelt process. Engel will be demonstrating its new efficiencies in composite processing at Mannheim as well.



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