Engel at NPE2015

At NPE2015, the Engel e-pic will be presented to the American audience for the first time. Thanks to its completely new kinematics, combining linear movements with a swivel arm, the Engel e-pic unites maximum performance with maximum economic efficiency. In order to keep the moving mass as low as possible, the robot arm was designed using weight-optimised parts. This ensures the shortest possible take-out cycles and low energy consumption. In comparison with linear robots of the same size, the Engel e-pic requires less than half the amount of energy.

The compact design also contributes to its excellent economical efficiency. When utilised on injection moulding machines with an integrated conveyor belt, the robot works inside the machine's safety gate without requiring additional space.

Equipped with its own control unit, the Engel e-pic robot can be used not only on Engel injection moulding machines, but also on third-party machines. In combination with an Engel injection moulding machine, the robot can be easily integrated into the CC300 machine control unit. The robot and machine then access a shared database, thereby enhancing process security and operator convenience while achieving optimal efficiency in production sequences. The control unit converts the rotary motion of the robot swivel arm into a linear movement. Therefore, those who have experience working with linear robots have no need to learn new skills.

With this new development in handling, Engel can now cover the complete spectrum of requirements in this area even better, from simple part removal, depositing, and sprue separation, to sophisticated insert-placement and take-out, and to the combination of various process steps in a highly-integrated production cell.

A new generation of the Engel viper linear robot will also be presented in Orlando. Thanks to the update, the speed, flexibility, compactness, energy efficiency and ease of use of the robots have all been improved. Also new is the C70 seven-inch hand-held touch terminal, one of the lightest on the market weighing in at only 950 grams. Additionally, to ensure a consistent operating system, the layout of the robot control pages has been adapted to the new design of the CC300 control unit for Engel injection moulding machines.


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