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Product Highlights

The Biggest High-Torque Motor: Previously the largest produced motor of the high-torque series DST2 will be an eye-catcher at the trade fair stand, which is expanding the portfolio with respect to performance and speed. Six sizes are now available with the new 560 size. The DST2-560 meets the highest requirements in direct drive technology with a rated torque of up to 38,000 Nm and a maximum torque of up to 80,000 Nm. DST2 high-torque motors are now an optimal solution for numerous types of machines, from press to tool and plastics machines to ships. With an optimally segmented offer of motors on the market, in addition to different high-torque motors Baumüller also offers efficient and scalable servomotors as well as main drives in numerous versions and sizes.

Compact Water-Cooled Servomotors: Baumüller is expanding its portfolio of servomotors to include the water-cooled model sizes 45 and 56. The efficient water cooling allows for a very high rated power density. This therefore covers applications that have high requirements with respect to dynamics and that at the same time have a high effective torque. The immediate surroundings experience minimum stress from motor heat with the heat dissipation through the water cooling medium. Application areas include, for example, textile machines, plastic machines as well as forming and bending machines.

Optimized Three-Phase Current Asynchronous Motors: Baumüller will be presenting the optimized series of three-phase current, asynchronous motors DA1-100-280 at the trade fair. The company is thus continuing the modular strategy for the main drive, thereby continuing to merge the DA1 series with the series of synchronous motors DS2. Among other things, an optimized water cooling in the sizes 100/132/160, similar to the DS2-100-160, IE3 fan motors according to the new IE directives for the air cooled motors as well as an optimized connection technology are new with the three phase current asynchronous motor.

Flexible Multi-Axis Controller b maXX 5800: At SPS, Baumüller will be exhibiting the flexible and compact multi-axis controller b maXX 5800. The controller for up to six drive axes can be configured individually and fully flexibly. This means that users can freely combine axis powers in the controller. The user can thus integrate exactly the right axis performance for each individual axis, resulting in a device that meets exactly the requirements of the user’s application.

High-Performance Compact Drive b maXX 2500: The high-performance compact drive b maXX 2500 with integrated electronics can be used regardless of the industry and therefore for numerous industrial applications, such as for robotics and handling applications. The decentralized servo drive reduces the wiring and installation costs, allows an optimal installation space, offers a high level of flexibility and is available in three sizes.