Enabling Industry 4.0 - Digital Tools for Sustainable Life Cycle Management

Modular Technology Solutions for Coordinated Motion

Time-to-market is becoming increasingly important in mechanical engineering. Manufacturers who would like to develop multi-axis machines with basic functions, such as milling or cutting or even individual motion sequences, with little effort receive a modular automation solution with the technology package from Baumüller for coordinated motion. This is available as a basic package for linear, machine-independent motion guidance as well as a complete solution for applications with several axes responsible for the movement guidance and additional auxiliary axes.

The kit consists of the necessary automation and drive components, including software solutions for the development of any motor-driven motion sequences in production and automation technology. The main advantages of using Baumüller's technology solutions for multi-axis applications are the reduced costs, the simple handling during the project planning and commissioning and therefore the shorter time-to-market.

Industry 4.0: Predictive Maintenance

Industry 4.0 opens up many new opportunities: customized products, optimized production processes and predictive maintenance. The prerequisite for this is the acquisition, communication, algorithmic linking and intelligent evaluation of data. Baumüller offers numerous products and solutions for Industry 4.0, including BAUDIS IoT, a system for the process optimization and predictive maintenance of existing and new machines. It is an IoT-capable system that allows for a simple networking of machines and systems via the Internet and the intelligent analysis of data. BAUDIS IoT can be used independently of the manufacturer of the automation components and the sensors and therefore can easily be retrofitted and upgraded. It is therefore equally suitable for greenfield and brownfield plants, i.e. for the digitization of new and existing production plants.

Digital Twin for Shorter Time-to-Market

Making machines and systems future-proof and tailor-made for applications requires time and experience in engineering. In order to shorten the development time and bring the machine to market as quickly as possible, Baumüller offers software models for the simulation of its drive components and makes them available to the machine manufacturer in the project planning phase for the new machine. The models support open standards and can be used with all common simulation tools. Alternatively, Baumüller provides engineering support and takes care of the entire machine design. A major advantage of simulations is the faster time-to-market, since the software can be tested virtually during the development phase of a machine. This allows the interaction of the individual components to be evaluated and optimized in advance.