DuPont increases DuPont Zytel HTN polymer and compounding capacity in China

DuPont increases DuPont Zytel HTN polymer and compounding capacity in China
DuPont Performance Polymers today announced it will increase capacity of fast-growing DuPont Zytel HTN high-performance polyamide by building a polymerization facility at its Sakra, Singapore, site and through investment in manufacturing equipment at its Shenzhen, China, site.

The Sakra facility will be able to produce 20,000 metric tons of Zytel HTN polymer by 2013. Recent investment in compounding equipment at Shenzhen added 10,000 metric tons of Zytel HTN capacity.

“Demand for cost-effective, high-performance resin products is growing exponentially around the world, especially in Asia Pacific,” said Richard Bond, global marketing and product director – DuPont Performance Polymers. “This highlights the industry’s need for metal-replacement technologies that reduce weight and cost as well as non-halogenated flame retardant products.

“Increasing our investment in local manufacturing helps optimize our local and global supply capabilities and complements our recent investment that strengthens our collaboration capabilities,” he added. DuPont last month celebrated the opening of the DuPont Automotive Center at its Shanghai-based Research and Development Center.

Zytel HTN PPA is used in the automotive industry to replace metal in underhood applications and in hybrid and electric vehicle electrical and electronic applications. Structural grades of Zytel HTN are used in hand-held devices, electrical and electronic applications and many other consumer products.

“The drive to reduce dependence on fossil fuels in the auto industry is pushing the limits of many engineering plastics,” said Patrick Ferronato, global marketing director – DuPont Automotive Performance Polymers. Zytel HTN PPA ‘electrically friendly’ polymers can withstand high voltage at temperatures making them attractive for hybrid and electric vehicles. The ability to withstand heat and chemicals under pressure makes them desirable for components and cooling systems in downsized engines, where small-engine performance is boosted for better fuel economy.

“Reducing size and weight in consumer markets is critical almost across the board,” said Karin Weining, global marketing director, Industrial, Consumer, Energy – DuPont Performance Polymers.

In handhelds, for example, Zytel HTN enables smaller, lighter devices while excelling at resisting chemicals in hand creams or sunscreen – and protecting the electronics inside. The structural capabilities of this material enables new designs and uses from sporting goods equipment to consumer tools.

Currently, DuPont Performance Polymers manufactures and compounds Zytel HTN products at facilities around the world for global customers. “This adds to the network and strengthens our ability to work with global customers and meet their regional needs very quickly,” said Bond. “In a global economy, it is imperative that we support our customers by working seamlessly around the world to meet their regional needs for on-time delivery of the same, high-quality product.”

DuPont Performance Polymers is committed to working with customers throughout the world to develop new products, components and systems that help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and protect people and the environment. With more than 40 manufacturing, development and research centers throughout the world, DuPont Performance Polymers uses the industry’s broadest portfolio of plastics, elastomers, renewably sourced polymers, filaments and high-performance parts and shapes to deliver cost-effective solutions to customers in aerospace, automotive, consumer, electrical, electronic, industrial, sporting goods and other diversified industries.


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