Dover Chemicals at K 2013

Dover Chemicals at K 2013
Dover Chemical Corporation will highlight their range of Doverphos high performance additives for polymers and their Hordaresin / Chlorez brand of chlorinated paraffins at their stand E26 in hall 5 at K2013.

Hordaresin (US trademark Chlorez) are tasteless, odorless, 70 percent chlorinated paraffin resins. They are especially soluble in aromatic and chlorinated solvents and offer limited, or no solubility in lower alcohols, glycols, glycerins and water. Compatible with most commonly used resins, rubbers, plasticizers, waxes and drying oils, Hordaresin (Chlorez) find wide usage as flame retardant additives in coatings, inks, plastics, foams, adhesives, paper and fabrics due to their very high active halogen content and low cost.

Dover Chemical is known as a leading, global producer of organophosphites, designed to meet the antioxidant needs of a number of markets, including PVC and polyolefins. In fact, Dover manufacturers the purest grade of TNPP so that labeling issues due to impurities of NP are overcome. Liquid phosphites are used to improve color during processing of LLDPE and PVC and K2013 will feature Doverphos LGP-11, the newest, GREEN, liquid Phosphite from Dover Chemical. Doverphos LGP-11 is a proprietary, high molecular weight phosphite that is suitable as a replacement for TNPP. It is unique in that it contains no alkylphenols, displays excellent color performance, compatibility, hydrolytic stability, has low migration and is produced from non-toxic biodegradable raw materials.

From their range of solid phosphites, Dover Chemicals will be highlighting Doverphos S-9228, a patented, a high molecular weight, low volatility, and high phosphorus content product which provides superior thermal stability to offer outstanding protection against discoloration and thermal degradation. Its unsurpassed hydrolytic stability prevents the formation of black specks in polyolefins, engineered resins and powder coating resins.

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