Dienes Packaging GmbH Orders Several Bekum Blow Moulding Machines

Dienes Packaging GmbH Orders… Dienes Packaging GmbH is investing in new production lines for the
manufacture of stackable 5 - 15 litre canisters with handles at the site in Kaiserslautern. This order for several Bekum blow moulding machines to manufacture canisters with transparent strips sees the packaging specialist, with more than 55 years of experience in the field, further expanding the long-standing business relationship of both companies.

"In order to manufacture qualitatively high-grade packaging, while taking our requirements, such as sustainability and high production availability, into account, resource-saving technology and a reliable partner are vital. This is why we made the choice for Bekum" explained Klaus Dienes, Managing Director of Dienes Packaging GmbH.

Thanks to the excellent order situation at Dienes Packaging, options for additional systems have also been discussed along with the Bekum blow moulding machines that have already been ordered. Dienes Packaging is responding here early on to the growing demand for stackable 5 - 15 litre canisters with handles, and it wants to further boost its production capacities at the site in Kaiserslautern for the future.

The blow moulding machines have been ordered with continuous Bekum extrusion heads with spiral mandrel distributors. This technology enables Dienes Packaging to cut back on the amount of material used and to reduce the changing times for material and colour. Spiral mandrel distributor extrusion heads are designed for a lengthy production period as well as uniform homogeneity of melting and temperature, and they can be used with almost all blow-mould compatible thermoplastic synthetic material. This permits Dienes to have a much larger production window, along with an increase in article quality and a reduction in article weight. A partial wall thickness controller is used for ideal parison manipulation for the canisters, that in turn enables uniform production of both lightweight and stacking canisters.

Source: Bekum