Carlsberg supports more sustainable packaging with Snap Pack

Many years of development process up to market launch

Carlsberg implements Nature MultiPack for cans as four and six packs including the carrying handle and will to begin with be selling it in the UK and Norway with Denmark, Carlsberg's home country, following in early 2019.

The market launch was preceded by an intensive research and development phase. A particular challenge was the composition of the adhesive which bonds the filled cans with only a few adhesive dots to create a stable pack. The many hours of development have ensured that the individual cans can easily be separated with a single movement. "We have succeeded in developing an adhesive that works without damaging the printing ink and lacquer on the can", says von Aichinger. In the coming months Carlsberg and NMP Systems will follow the initial market launch with great interest, to see how consumers and customers accept the innovation.

Source: KHS