BorSafe pipes raise the quality of drinking water and sanitation networks in Poland

BorSafe pipes raise the quality…
BorSafe HE3490-LS-H and BorSafe HE3494-LS-H are leading edge products based on Borealis’ proprietary Borstar® bimodal technology. The materials have been specifically developed to deliver very high resistance to point loading and to slow crack growth. Pipes based on these materials have an expected service life exceeding 100 years.

Low notch sensitivity ensures resistance to cuts and abrasions during transportation and installation, making the pipes ideally suited to the demands of the directional drilling technique. The robust nature of the pipes meant rough materials excavated in trench digging could be used for backfilling after pipe laying, thereby eliminating the added cost of importing softer soils for filling purposes without compromising in-use performance.

With 185km of the drinking water network and 97km of the new sewage system now laid, the project is on target for completion in 2011. The combination of benefits has ensured speed and economy of installation without compromising in-use performance.

“We are confident that the superior performance of BorSafe PE100 LS-H pipes has created savings in installation time and therefore overall project time, and ensures a long anticipated working life for the systems, adding up to maximised investment for the Regional Water and Sewage Company,” comments Christophe Salles, Application Marketing Manager for Pipe. “Most importantly however, the five communities within the Parseta river basin can be confident of having a high quality drinking water and sanitation network well into the future.”