Biesterfeld acquires distribution rights from DuPont for Selar PA polyamide

Biesterfeld acquires distribution…

Biesterfeld will take over the distribution of DuPont's product Selar PA 3426R from the 1 October 2019. This new agreement applies to the entire EMEA area and, since June 2019, also for Brazil.  

Selar PA 3426R is an amorphous polyamide. It is highly transparent and is a good barrier against gases, water, solvents and essential oils. The product has excellent physical and optical properties and is extremely temperature-resistant. Like other polyamides, Selar PA is an excellent barrier against many types of solvent. It is highly resistant to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, diluted alkalis and alcohols with molecular weights.  

Thanks to its superb properties, Selar PA 3426R can be used in many types of flexible or stiff packaging and is also used in laminated drink and food packaging.      

"We are delighted to have acquired the new sales rights for Selar PA", said Martin Rathke, Product Manager, Biesterfeld Plastic. "It is a perfect addition to our portfolio which will enable us to offer our customers even better solutions when they come to us for different types of foil or packaging."  

Source: Biesterfeld

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