Biesterfeld acquires distribution rights for Solvay’s sulfone polymers in UK

Biesterfeld acquires distribution…

Biesterfeld is strengthening its partnership with Solvay Specialty Polymers. With effect from April 2019, the distributor will handle sales of the sulfone polymers Udel PSU, Radel PPSU and Veradel PESU in the UK and Ireland.

“By expanding our distribution rights to include the UK and Ireland, we are enhancing our offer of high-performance polymers from renowned market leaders. Both existing and new customers will benefit from high-quality service and efficient supply chain solutions,” says Dietmar Zinkand, Business Manager Engineering Polymers, Biesterfeld Plastic.

The portfolio includes the tough high-strength, transparent plastic Udel PSU (polysulfone). It offers higher heat resistance and better hydrolytic stability than polycarbonate (PC). For this reason it is often used in medical devices that require durability, impact strength and transparency. PSU can also be used in fittings, valves and other components in pressurised hot water systems, as it retains its strong mechanical properties when exposed to steam and other sterilisation techniques. Another sulfone polymer well-suited for components in pressurised hot water systems and medical devices that undergo repeated steam sterilisation is Radel PPSU (polyphenylsulfone). In addition to exceptional impact strength, it offers higher chemical resistance than PSU and polyetherimide (PEI), and it can be steam sterilized over 1000 cycles without significant loss of properties. Veradel PESU (polyethersulfone) is especially suitable for food service applications and electronic components, such as vehicle lighting and testing devices, due to its flame-retardant properties. This product has good chemical resistance, high rigidity and excellent heat resistance.

“Biesterfeld has been selling our sulfone polymers in many areas of Europe since 1998. We’re delighted to have this opportunity to accelerate the success of our brand with Biesterfeld in the UK and Ireland,” states Andreas Savvides, Channel Partners Manager at Solvay Specialty Polymers. “Biesterfeld is an experienced and established partner with the expertise to place our products ideally on the market.”

“In addition to sulfone polymers we also offer the polyphenylene sulfide Ryton PPS from Solvay,” adds Richard Kirby, Regional Product Manager, Biesterfeld Petroplas Ltd. He explains: “This product offers exceptional dimensional stability for precision-moulded parts that need long-term resistance to temperatures up to 200°C and short-term resistance to temperatures up to 260°C. As a further benefit, Ryton PPS compounds meet the requirements of UL94 V-0 without flame-retardant additives and are resistant to a wide variety of solvents.”

Source: Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH

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