Bayer Collaborates with PAPACKS to Co-create Alternative-to-Plastic Packaging

Bayer Collaborates with PAPACKS…

Bayer has launched a strategic collaboration with PAPACKS to develop fiber-based packaging, as an alternative to using traditional plastic packaging for some of the company’s Consumer Health products, which include brands like Aspirin, Bepanthen and Claritin. This is a step forward in Bayer’s commitment to ensure 100% of the packaging used in their self-care products contribute to the circular economy and are recycle-ready or reusable by 2030.

The collaboration aims to develop biodegradable, pulp-based packaging made from responsible virgin fibers, featuring PAPACK’s moulded pulp technology that uses materials derived from renewable sources and a plant-based coating.

“Reducing plastic utilization is one of the greatest challenges of our industry, so we’re proud to join forces with PAPACKS to accelerate progress towards using eco-friendly, renewable sources for our packaging,” said Jesse DelGigante, Director, Global Packaging Innovation for Bayer’s Consumer Health division. “This collaboration is a strong step forward in our sustainable packaging journey.

“We’re looking forward to the challenge of combining our unique pulp technology with plant-based coating with the rigorous standards mandated by regulatory agencies for over-the-counter medicines,” said Tahsin Dag, Founder & CEO of Papacks. “We expect this collaboration to help redefine packaging standards for the industry.”

As a part of Bayer’s commitment to advance sustainable packaging solutions, this collaboration with PAPACKS follows the recent announcement that the company has joined the Blister Pack Collective to reduce single-use plastics in healthcare packaging.