BASF Creation Centers will empower customers in Asia

BASF Creation Centers will…

BASF will launch three Creation Centers in the Asia Pacific region, in Shanghai (China), Tokyo (Japan) and Mumbai (India). The Creation Centers will bring customers and BASF’s experts together to transform conceptual ideas into creative solutions. 

''We aim to help brands, companies and manufacturers discover new possibilities through hands-on exploration in an inspiring environment,'' said Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President, Performance Materials Asia Pacific, BASF. ''We will offer a wide range of resources in unique collaborative spaces, to empower designers, engineers and developers to create new products using BASF’s innovative material solutions, and support the emerging design requirements of the market.''

At the Creation Centers, equipped with world-class workshop facilities and interactive material showcases, BASF will provide resources to discover, understand and create new and improved products and solutions with BASF materials. Customers will be able to explore materials, use interactive digital tools, and participate in ideation and material consultancy workshops. They will also have access to trend reports, material demonstrators and design events. Together with BASF experts, they can seamlessly collaborate from design development to advanced simulations through computeraided engineering through to advanced prototyping – all in one place.

At Chinaplas 2019, BASF is demonstrating how its innovation competencies, such as the Creation Centers, are empowering the material solutions for mobility, infrastructure, natural resources, and people’s daily life, as well as co-creation projects. Several co-created projects supported by the Creation Centers are being showcased at Chinaplas 2019: 

  • Concept cars with more than 20 innovative material solutions, developed with advanced prototyping support from the Creation Center.
  • A concept wheelchair or Ren Chair, with design and functionality facilitated by the Creation Center, for a new look, feel and experience for wheelchair users who strive for greater independence in their daily living.
  • Athleisure shoe collaboratively and technically designed by the Creation Center, to combine style and function. 

Other co-created projects featured at Chinaplas 2019 include a life-size model house demonstrating how buildings can be future-proof with more sustainable construction materials, as well as sportswear designs showing how fibers made of BASF materials can bring a unique combination of style and convenience to today’s sportswear. 

Visitors to Chinaplas 2019 can also experience a range of innovations at the BASF booth. 

  • BASF is introducing a new PPA Ultramid Advanced T2000 grade, a solution for automotive parts and electric and electronic devices that require high and constant rigidity and strength over a broad temperature range, resistance to heat and humidity, as well as optional flame-retardant properties.
  • Visitors can view BASF’s new range of sports equipment innovations enabled by Infinergy expanded thermoplastic polyurethane, supporting endurance training and increasing comfort.
  • The new BOSCH Intelligent Glove (BIG) made, with BASF’s Elastollan film-based processing technology, encapsulates the fragile sensor and flexible printed circuit board into the gloves. 

Source: BASF

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