At NPE 2018 Milacron to focus on service, technology and solutions

The Milacron Maxima Performance (MPs) 600wp - Performance Exemplified - Automotive Application

The Maxima Performance Series builds upon the highly successful Maxima two-platen platform. The Maxima Performance Series debuted at NPE 2015. The Maxima Performance addresses the market demands for higher performance, lower energy, precision, and flexibility. This enhanced platform is available from 500-1100 US tons (450 to 1000 metric tonnes) and delivers 33% faster dry cycle times and 35% lower energy consumption. The Maxima Performance offers the widest platens in each tonnage; a precision grease-less clamp guided on linear bearings, and integrated auxiliary controls. This high-value injection molding machine combines the advantage of a precise and accurate two-platen mechanism with the advanced, user-friendly Mosaic+ controls. This platform delivers the next level of performance for two-platen designs. The Maxima Performance 600wp will be outfitted with Milacron’s “Core Back/Reverse Coining” technology package where the part is filled then the clamp is opened to a predefined position. Milacron has developed a process that precisely controls the open position and maintains squareness which is critical to maintaining part tolerances and allows gas (Mucell) through to the center of the part without breaching the surface. The process of injecting a gas expansion (Mucell) allows for reduced part weight without sacrificing the structural strength and dimensional accuracy of the part. This process was developed with automotive lightweighting applications in mind.

The Maxima Performance 600 will be molding an 825 gram, 1-cavity automotive door panel map pocket with Trexel’s MuCell technology highlighting automotive lightweighting along with ROC Tool technology providing induction heating directly to the surface of the part for that class A finish that is critical in interior automotive applications. The cell will feature a Mold-Masters Fusion G2 hot runner and iM2 TempMaster hot runner temperature control system, and a Sepro 5 axis robot with trimmer integrated into the machine controls and DME mold components.

Uniloy Blow Molding Machine Work Cell

The Uniloy IBS 85 with Kortec Connect Co-injection - Industry Leading Injection Blow Molding Machine with Kortec Barrier Technology - Medical Application

The Uniloy Injection Blow Molding Series (IBS) includes a complete line of 3-station injection blow systems with clamp forces from 70 to 200 US tons (64-181 metric tonnes) available in hydraulic, hybrid or all-electric configuration. Uniloy’s injection blow molding machines are the best processing choice for producing the highest quality, finished containers that consistently meet close tolerance specifications. The industry-leading standard features built into every Milacron injection blow molding system, along with a wide variety of available options, give customers the capabilities to mold complex shapes and meet high production requirements. Uniloy technology also provides the high tolerance injection molded neck finish required for many of the child-resistant and tamper-evident bottle closure designs. To add co-injection technology to this cell Milacron will use the newly launched Kortec Connect product offering. The Uniloy IBS system will be fitted with a Kortec hot runner system and Mold-Masters E-Multi secondary injection unit to deliver the barrier layer. Kortec Connect is the most cost-efficient solution for molders to enter the growing co-injection molding market. Kortec co-injection hot runners allow two different resins to be combined in a single 3-layer melt stream. Two flow streams are joined at each patented co-injection nozzle resulting in a single, combined 3-layer flow stream through each gate, into the mold cavities. The result is total control and the ability for customization of the barrier layer placement and thickness. Milacron is the world’s largest supplier of co-injection systems to the plastics and packaging industries with over 30 years experience.

Milacron Uniloy IB 85