Arburg to show Freeformer for first time at MECSPE 2018

Arburg to show Freeformer… With twelve themed exhibitions, the international MECSPE trade fair to be held from 22 to 24 March 2018 in Parma, Italy, will offer an overview of all aspects of the manufacturing industry. Arburg will be presenting the Freeformer and Arburg Plastic Freeforming (APF) as an example of "additive manufacturing" for the first time here, in hall 6, stand I33. The open additive production system is suitable for numerous industries and areas of application. As an example, implants made of medical grade polylactide (PLLA) produced using the APF process will be on view. Arburg will thus demonstrate the wide-ranging options for the industrial additive manufacturing of functional components made from qualified original materials.

In addition to the Freeformer itself, a selection of functional components will also be exhibited. Björn Noren, Managing Director of Arburg's Italian subsidiary, has the following to say about the company's presence at the fair: "In Italy in particular, there is great interest in the digital transformation and Industry 4.0 due to the available funding opportunities. Hence, the target groups who are currently working in this area will find a partner who can offer them extensive technology and expertise from a single source in Arburg. In this context, the industrial additive manufacturing of prototypes, one-off parts and small-volume batches, as well as the enhancement of high-volume injection moulded parts are gaining in importance. This is precisely what we will be presenting at the MECSPE 2018 in the field of "additive manufacturing" from the point-of-view of a machine manufacturer.

Our system combines geometry and material freedom, the use of certified standard granulate as in injection moulding and mould-free manufacture of near-production parts. Thanks to our extensive expertise in this area and our specialised managers in additive manufacturing (MAM), we enable our customers targeted entry into and development of additive manufacturing. Moreover, our Prototyping Center at our headquarters in Lossburg allows us to quickly respond to individual enquiries with samples made from a variety of qualified materials."

Free-formed implants for the medical technology sector

The use of a continuously growing list of qualified standard granulates means that working with the Freeformer is extremely versatile. In the medical technology sector, for example, it can be used for the additive manufacturing of individually adapted implants and orthotics, as well as for models used in preparation for surgery. At the trade fair, additively manufactured customised implants for facial and cranial bones made from a PLLA granulate will be on show. Here, the material used is a polylactide (PLLA) that gradually dissolves inside the body and is therefore particularly suitable for this medical field. Individual adaptation on the Freeformer means free formability, and therefore precise tailoring to the particular use case, especially for cosmetic-surgical use.

Arburg Freeformer Implantat

At the MECSPE 2018 trade fair, Arburg will present examples of how the Freeformer can be used to produce individually customised implants for cranial bones from PLLA granulate using an additive manufacturing process.

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