Arburg to present high-end exhibits in Mexico

Arburg to present high-end… Arburg will be presenting two energy-efficient, high-end exhibits at the Plastimagen 2014, which will take place from 18 to 21 November 2014 in Mexico City. At exhibition stand 730 in Hall D, a "Packaging" version of a hybrid high-performance Allrounder 570 H will produce 24 high quality screw caps in a cycle time of 3.5 seconds. The second exhibit is an electric Allrounder 520 E from the Edrive series, which enables cost-effective entry into the world of electric machines.

"The Plastimagen is an excellent platform for us, allowing us to present our injection moulding technology to the trade experts live," explained Guillermo Fasterling, Managing Director of Arburg's Mexican subsidiary, describing the importance of the show. "This year, we have once again chosen two high-end exhibits with sophisticated applications: a hybrid Allrounder in the "Packaging" version will produce screw caps rapidly and with a high output rate, while an electric Allrounder will produce all the individual parts of a toy buggy with high precision in a single cycle. As an indication of their particularly energy-optimised operation, both machines will bear the Arburg e² energy efficiency label."

Hybrid "Packaging" Allrounder produces 25,000 screw caps per hour

The fast, hybrid Allrounder 570 H in the "Packaging" (P) version is specially tailored to the packaging sector. The exhibit has a clamping force of 1,800 kN and a size 1300 injection unit and will demonstrate its performance capabilities at the trade fair in a high-speed packaging application. Equipped with a 24-cavity mould from z-moulds, it will produce screw caps in a cycle time of 3.5 seconds. This corresponds to an output of around 25,000 parts per hour.


"Packaging" version: high performance and speed

In order to meet the high demands of the packaging industry, Arburg offers a "Packaging" (P) version of the hybrid and electric Hidrive and Alldrive high-performance machines. These machines combine high productivity with reduced energy consumption and are characterised by a well-balanced combination of distance between tie-bars, clamping force and opening stroke. Moreover, they provide fast, precise, energy-saving mould movements (through servo-electric toggle-type clamping units), high plasticising performance (through barrier screws and servo-electric dosage drives), dynamic position-regulated screws and effective injection volume flows.

Edrive as electric entry-level model

With the second exhibit, Arburg will present its cost-effective electric Edrive series. This is the entry-level model for the world of Arburg electric machines and represents an alternative to standard hydraulic machines. The Edrive machines combine speed, precision, energy-efficiency and minimised emissions. High levels of repeat accuracy and part quality, an up to 50 percent reduced energy requirement compared to standard hydraulic machines, as well as liquid-cooled, encapsulated servo-electric drives and energy recovery during braking are features that enable this machine series to operate with production-efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

This performance capability will be demonstrated at the Plastimagen by an electric Allrounder 520 E with a clamping force of 1,500 kN and a size 400 injection unit. The wheels, chassis and roof of a toy buggy will be produced simultaneously in a cycle time of 20 seconds. Final assembly is a manual process.