Arburg at K 2019: Two views of one world

Circular economy in practice

Arburg will be presenting two applications on this topic at K 2019. Around 30 percent recycled material is used in the production of PP cups. For this practical example of a closed circular economy, Arburg cooperates with Erema (hall 9, stand 05), which provides recycled PP. In a cycle time of around four seconds, eight cups are produced on a hybrid Allrounder 1020 H.  This new size machine in the company’s portfolio will be presented as a packaging version. The exhibit has a distance between tie bars of 1,020 millimetres, a clamping force of 6,000 kN and features a new size 7000 injection unit. This is also available for the Allrounder 1120 H machines and offers a maximum shot weight of around 4,200 grams polystyrene. 

In the second circular economy application, a PCR material (post-consumer recyclate) derived from household waste is used to produce a technical product. The PCR available on the market is processed by an electrical two-component Allrounder 630 A in a Profoam foaming process, the second material is TPE. The injection-moulded part is a machine door handle whose two halves are mounted in the mould. This is followed by partial overmoulding with the soft component. 

The application illustrates a way to reintroduce PCR material into the cycle to produce high-quality, durable functional parts.

Launch: arburgGREENworld

These applications demonstrate Arburg's expertise in terms of circular economy and the conservation of resources. Numerous activities – both for customers as well as internally - have been bundled in the new “arburgGREENworld” programme, which rests on four pillars. The first three pillars - "Green Machine", "Green Production" and "Green Services" - relate to offers for customers while the fourth pillar - "Green Environment” - includes Arburg's internal processes.

Innovative applications and processes

An electric Allrounder 470 A with a clamping force of 1,000 kN demonstrates how functional in-mould products can be produced using IMSE technology (Injection Moulded Structured Electronics). In this process, films with integrated electronic functions are inserted into the mould and overmoulded with PC. As a demonstrator, the injection moulding machine produces a night light in a cycle time of around 75 seconds.

An electric Allrounder 270 A, equipped with a size 5 micro-injection unit with 8-millimeter screw, 8-cavity mould and LSR cartridge, will be manufacturing microswitches from non-post curing LSR. The part weight is a mere 0.009 grams, the cycle time around 20 seconds. The moulded parts are picked up by a Multilift 3+1, optically inspected in the gripper, separated according to cavity and finally packed in paper bags. Such microcomponents are used in the automotive and medical technology sectors.

Overmoulding of hybrid components is demonstrated by a vertical Allrounder 375 V with 500 kN of clamping force, which features compact automation in the form of a Multilift Select robotic system mounted on the machine base. The inserts are provided as a roll and the contacts are overmoulded to form hybrid connectors in a cycle time of around 15 seconds. 

In addition, a new Freeformer will give a technological outlook on how fibre-reinforced components can in future be produced using Arburg Plastic Freeforming (APF). 

Prominent: 20 Arburg machines at K 2019

A total of eight Allrounders and one Freeformer will be demonstrating new machine technology as well as innovative applications and processes on the Arburg stand. Another eleven machines can be seen on partner stands. 20 Arburg exhibits at K 2019 will therefore cover a wide range of processes, including thin-wall injection moulding, hybrid technology, in-mould labelling and film technology, multi-component injection moulding, micro injection moulding, Profoam foaming technology, cube technology and the processing of LSR, magnetic plastics, bioplastics and recyclates. The applications cover all important industries and trend topics: automotive and e-mobility, electronics, lightweight construction, medical technology and packaging. “And that is not all,” promises Juliane Hehl. "Last but not least, we will be playing another trump card in Düsseldorf and are inviting trade visitors to come and see the new machines, processes and applications for themselves on our stand".