Application of SABIC's Lexan HPM plastic

Application of SABIC's Lexan HPM plastic
A hemodialysis blood pump from Renal Solutions, Inc., featuring SABIC Innovative Plastics` advanced hemocompatibility polycarbonate (PC) resin, is helping meet demands for new and innovative healthcare devices. The patented Pulsar? blood pump made with Lexan HPM resins helps prevent buildup of thrombus on the pump`s walls that could potentially interfere with the effectiveness of treatments.

Renal Solutions worked closely with SABIC Innovative Plastics to identify a material that met the mechanical and physical needs for the blood pump`s optimum hemodynamic filling design while offering enhanced blood-contact properties. Lexan HPM resin`s improved performance vs. standard PC allows the Pulsar pump to benefit from reduced platelet and fibrinogen binding characteristics, as well as reduced leukocyte and C3a protein activation, resulting in reductions in overall clotting.

Pulsar Blood Pump from Renal Solutions Made with Lexan HPM Resin<br />

In contrast to traditional peristaltic (roller) pumps that use compression to squeeze blood through the dialyzer, the pressure-limited Pulsar pump alternately applies positive and negative pressure to a flexible membrane within each pumping chamber, thereby reducing pressures at the patient`s access site during circuit occlusions. The Pulsar pump`s design also makes it easy to convert to single-needle application by simply selecting single-needle mode on the graphical user interface, a process that is cumbersome and difficult in traditional peristaltic (roller) pump designs.

- SABIC Innovative Plastics` commitment to bringing high-performance materials to the healthcare industry is stronger than ever, as shown by our relationship with Renal Solutions - says Clare Frissora, market director for Healthcare, SABIC Innovative Plastics. - Through our legacy of high-performance technology and strong customer cooperation, SABIC Innovative Plastics aims to stay in the forefront of healthcare innovation.