Ampacet introduces nucleating agent

Ampacet introduces nucleating…

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader,  has introduced Nucleant PP 4000389-E, a nucleating additive designed to improve polypropylene mechanical properties and stiffness. 

Lightweighting, a key sustainability trend, reduces the thickness of plastic parts to decrease the use of polymers. However, this can lead to more fragile parts that are unable to withstand normal use. To enhance the mechanical properties of polypropylene, mineral fillers are traditionally used, imparting stiffness and dimensional stability to the end product. Mineral fillers, however, may significantly alter polypropylene density affecting recyclability,  as some recycling facilities separate polymers applying the sink-float separation method in which lighter-weight materials such as polypropylene float and denser plastics such as PET sink.

Ampacet Nucleant PP 4000389-E, a new nucleating additive, improves the mechanical properties and stiffness of injected or thermoformed polypropylene parts without affecting polymer density or transparency.  It allows the downgauging of polypropylene parts and end products while maintaining the same rigidity, and is suitable for both virgin and post-consumer resins. Because it doesn’t alter the density of the polymer,  use of Ampacet Nucleant PP 4000389-E doesn’t prevent flotation separation at recycling facilities, enabling customers to meet sustainability goals.  

Suitable for opaque or transparent applications, Ampacet Nucleant PP 4000389-E features excellent optical properties, including improved clarity and reduced haze when used for transparent parts.


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