Ampacet introduces Organoleptic Preserver 1363 designed for polyolefin-based packaging

Ampacet introduces Organoleptic…

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced Organoleptic Preserver 1363, a highly efficient additive designed to capture off-tasting components present in polyolefin packaging and protect  products from off-tastes and unpleasant odors.

Because food and beverages often come in direct contact with the packaging, low levels of flavor contaminants can migrate from the packaging to the product, affecting organoleptic properties and negatively impacting the perceived quality of the food.

Ampacet Organoleptic Preserver 1363 preserves food and beverage quality by limiting the impact on the organoleptic properties caused by packaging manufacturing processes. The resulting consumer acceptance of the product also reduces food waste.

Organoleptic Preserver 1363 does not affect color or optical properties of the final product and performs well at high processing temperatures.


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