Albis distributes new halogen-free TPE-compounds from Uteksol

Albis distributes new halogen-free… Albis Plastic GmbH expands its TPE-Portfolio with flame retardant Styrene-based thermoPlastic Elastomers (TPS) of the brand Solplast from Uteksol. The halogen-free TPS compounds achieve V0 classification of the UL94 test at 2 mm thickness. In addition these compounds also fulfill the glow wire test at 960 °C for 2 mm thickness. The limited oxygen index (LOI) is higher than 30 %. The halogen-free TPS compounds are available in the hardness range from Shore A45 to Shore A85 in natural color as well as in black. Typical applications are for example flame retardant housing seals, grommets and cable bushings or assembly elements. The new Solplast series can be used for injection molding and extrusion.

“By expanding our Albis product portfolio to include halogen-free, flame-retardant TPE grades, we can now offer sustainable and very effective TPE flame retardant solutions, helping our customers efficiently to meet ever-increasing market demands", says Dr. Stefan Zepnik, Product Specialist for thermoPlastic Elastomers at Albis.

Uteksol is an innovative, medium-sized compounding company with its headquarter in Slovenia. Originally, Uteksol was active in the shoe and leather industry. Today, the company develops and produces TPS compounds for various industrial applications and consumer products. Uteksol can look back on a rich history, which began in 1850 in the leather industry and in the second half of the 20th century turned into today's field of activity.

Albis Plastic GmbH is the strategic distribution partner of Uteksol and distributes TPS compounds of the brand Solplast from Uteksol since 2010.

Source: Albis Plastic GmbH