A new era for Moretto DGM Gravix dosing units: Innovation serving the plastics industry

An exclusive element of the DGM Gravix remain the dosing eyelids, which ensure a high dosing standard thanks to an extremely fast reaction time, comparable to that of a blink of an eye. They maintain their reliability and durability well beyond 32 million operations. This stability is unique in the industry and essential for the consistency of dosing operations.

The weighing hopper, situated within the doser body, is devoid of mechanical constraints and connections to compressed air hoses and pneumatic cylinders, representing a notable design feature. This design ensures weighing without external disturbances, providing highly accuracy actual values. Coupled with digital technology, it enables the machine to operate seamlessly even under extreme conditions.

In addition, the algorithm operating on the Vibration Immunity System (VIS) overcomes the vibration challenge, allowing the installation of the blender directly on the processing machine, not only on top of an injection moulding machine, but also on a blow moulding machine, without any accuracy problems. This provides unprecedented flexibility by integrating the blender into the production environment.

There are dozens of success stories in the replacement of competitors' machines thanks to the use of Moretto's DGM Gravix blenders. Their performance leaves no doubt, proving their effectiveness even in the most demanding situations.

Installation of DGM GRAVIX on IMM.

The mixing system has been further improved to optimize the uniform distribution of colorant and additives in microdosing. This includes the recent introduction of the DGM 20 version in the range, specifically designed for microdosing. This model finds its ideal application in the medical sector, where precision and reliability are key requirements to meet the high standards demanded.

The new DGM 20 developed specifically for microdosing and suitable for medical applications.

With 9 different models and a remarkable 76 options, the DGM Gravix series establishes itself as the optimal choice for professionals in the plastics industry. A broad range caters to every need, ensuring high-level performance and versatility.

Evolving performance

The teach-in function also makes easy the installation of Gravix series directly on top of the processing machine. The programmable and recordable sequence of the hoppers for each recipe adds unique flexibility to adapt to changing production requirements with both injection moulding machines and other machines such as a bottle blowing machine.

The smart management gives the possibility to program up to 200 recipes, offering unprecedented versatility. The regrind management, with automatic master compensation, demonstrates attention to detail and sustainability.

Gravix DGM blenders not only guarantee measurement accuracy, but also offer a complete view of the operation with mixture and individual component totalisers, a timed mixer to avoid unwanted de-mixing, and a 7-inch capacitive touch interface with icon-based programming for simple and intuitive system management.

DGM GRAVIX touch view interface.

The advanced connectivity, with Ethernet and RS485 port for Modbus protocol and OPC UA connection as well as the readiness for the MOWIS supervisory system, fully developed by Moretto, makes the DGM Gravix blenders complete tools ready for the dynamic challenges of the modern plastics industry. Furthermore, compatibility with Moretto's EXA conveying system, capable of handling up to six receivers, underlines their commitment to seamless integration into every aspect of the production process.
In conclusion, Moretto's DGM Gravix gravimetric blenders represent a significant evolution in the world of plastics dosing, embodying the very essence of innovation and reliability. They are the undisputed choice for those looking for excellence in the blending of plastic granules, offering advanced performance to meet the most demanding requirements of professionals in the sector.

Multiple installation on IMM of DGM Gravix blenders within a production plant.