Wittmann Battenfeld with sophisticated injection molding technology at the Fakuma 2017

Wittmann Battenfeld with sophisticated… Under the motto “be smart”, Wittmann Battenfeld will present to interested trade visitors top-level injection molding technology from 17 to 24 October in hall B1, booth 1204 at this year’s Fakuma in Friedrichshafen

EcoPower Xpress 400

The new EcoPower Xpress – shown for the first time as a prototype at the K 2016 – was developed to series production level in the course of this fiscal year and will be available on the market in the clamping force sizes of 400 and 500 t from the autumn of this year.

The new EcoPower Xpress is a high-speed, all-electric machine model primarily geared to the requirements of the packaging and thin wall industry. The highly dynamic drive axes for injection as well as closing and opening of the EcoPower Xpress are designed for fast movements and ultimate control accuracy. Moreover, extremely high energy efficiency is achieved by using servo drives.

At the Fakuma, Wittmann Battenfeld will demonstrate the functionality of this machine model on an EcoPower Xpress 400/3300+ manufacturing HDPE closing caps within a cycle time of 2.7 seconds in a 96-cavity mold supplied by the French company Plastisud. The caps will be cooled with the cap cooler from Eisbär, Austria and then deposited in boxes.

Eco Power Xpress 400

The new EcoPower Xpress

The main theme: smart multi-component technology for complex applications

The main focus of Wittmann Battenfeld’s exhibition program this year lies on COMBIMOULD machines from the PowerSeries. The actual exhibits will include two machines from the servo-hydraulic SmartPower series and one machine designed for injection molding of micro parts from the all-electric MicroPower series with compactly integrated multi-component technology.

On a SmartPower 120/525H/130L, a 2-component application will be presented, in which one component is a thermoplastic material, the other liquid silicone. The parts will be manufactured with a 4+4-cavity mold supplied by the Italian company Silital (Oldrati group), produced by Linea Stampi Srl. The parts will be removed and deposited on a conveyor belt by a W831 robot from Wittmann equipped with the new R9 control system.

A 3-component application will be shown on a SmartPower 60/210H/210S/210V. With a 6-cavity mold from Geobra Brandstätter, PPT, POM and PA will be processed into a Playmobil chimpanzee. The open design of the SmartPower with its generous dimensions and excellent accessibility is particularly well suited for multi-component applications, with simultaneous optimal energy efficiency.

The third Combimould application will be the production of a 2-component plug inside the recording head of a vinyl record player. The parts made of PC and electro conductive PC will be produced with a single-cavity mold from Ortofon, Denmark on a MicroPower 15/10H/10H equipped with two parallel injection units and a rotary disk. Parts removal and depositing will be handled by a Wittmann W8VS4 Scara robot specially designed for this machine. Moreover, a built-in camera system inside the machine will provide fully automatic quality inspection of the parts.
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