Wittmann Battenfeld at the Eurostampi in Parma

Wittmann Battenfeld at the…

At the Eurostampi in Parma held from 28 to 30 March 2019, Wittmann Battenfeld will present latest injection molding technology together with automation and auxiliary equipment to interested trade visitors in pavilion 6, booth 6B21.

For Wittmann Battenfeld, this year’s Eurostampi focuses on digitization and sophisticated process technology, which will be visualized on two injection molding machines from the servo hydraulic SmartPower series.

The Wittmann 4.0 integration will be demonstrated on a SmartPower 120/525, in whose Unilog B8 control system the Wittmann robot W918 is integrated, together with all connected peripheral appliances, such as Tempro plus D temperature controllers, Gravimax blenders and Drymax dryers. Moreover, the electronic data sheet will be used in the Unilog B8 control system. This electronic data sheet serves to configure a production cell integrated via the Wittmann 4.0 router in accordance with the selected mold dataset, including all necessary appliances such as robots, temperature controllers, metering devices, dryers and electronic flow controllers. Via the "plug & produce" mode, the production cell is ready for start-up in next to no time. All required data for quality management from the machine and the auxiliaries are available for documentation via Wittmann 4.0. When servicing is required, the Wittmann 4.0 router provides secure access to all modules of the production cell via a single IP address (single point entry).

Smart Power 120
SmartPower 120

On the second machine of the servo-hydraulic SmartPower series, a SmartPower 240/750H/210S Combimould, the housing of the Wittmann R9 Teachbox will be produced from ABS and TPU with a single-cavity mold. A WX142 robot from Wittmann with a transfer and removal gripper will be used to remove the finished parts. It will transfer the preforms into the second cavity for insert molding. Subsequently, an inkjet printer will print a QR code on the parts to secure traceability of the production data. Next, the parts will be sorted and deposited on a conveyor belt.

Moreover, numerous auxiliary appliances from Wittmann will also be exhibited as stand-alone solutions at the Eurostampi in Parma.

SmartPower 240/750H/210S Combimould
SmartPower 240/750H/210S Combimould
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