WFO partner Jokey sets a new sustainable project in motion

WFO partner Jokey sets a new…

Packaging manufacturer Jokey SE, in cooperation with Jonas Farbenwerke, is already meeting the challenges of the future by further expanding its sustainability strategy.

Since 2019, all Jonas adhesives, primers and interior paints have been produced step by step without additional preservatives. The motto is "not supplementing, but replacing"- and this without changing any product properties. By further developing "the green white", the company now produces a particularly environmentally friendly and high-quality interior paint for demanding coatings. During the paint production process, technically caused residual quantities resulting from the filling process are being re-formulated and find their way back into the recycling economy in a resource-saving manner. The "paint to paint" process saves valuable new raw materials. Similar implementations can be found at Jokey.

A complete Eco Concept: the first step towards environmentally friendly packaging

Whenever ecological responsibility is involved, cooperation with Jokey is the right way to go. The paints from Jonas, together with the packaging made by Jokey make a meaningful contribution to the ecological footprint. Both the product and its packaging are based on the principles of sustainability. "For years, Jokey has been developing its Eco Concept, based on sustainability along the entire value chain," explains CEO Jens Stadter. "The products we manufacture must also be completely recyclable. Jokey has been committed to this responsibility right from the start". The "post consumer secondary raw materials" used for Jonas are certified by the "Gütegemeinschaft Rezyklate aus haushaltsnahen Wertstoffsammlungen e.V." (Quality Assurance Association for Recyclates from Household Recycling Collections) and by the RAL quality mark "%-Recycling-Kunststoff" ( %-recycled pastic).

With its packaging, Jonas supports Jokey's recyclate campaign, which aims for a closed material cycle.

The packaging now consists of 20% ocean based recycled plastics and a proportion of more than 50% post consumer recyclates, which are obtained from the near-household collection of the Dual Systems. Thus, the packaging for JONAS represents an ecologically meaningful contribution to saving resources and, as such, fully reflects the values and responsibility of JONAS Farbenwerke and Jokey. In this way, Jokey and JONAS Farbenwerke jointly achieve maximum sustainability. The blue rim at the top of the packaging, resulting from the manufacturing process, is a distinctive quality feature and helps both JONAS Farbenwerke and Jokey to visually communicate their responsibility in the sense of a circular economy to the customer. The packaging produced in this way is fully recyclable after usage and, thus, once again finds its way into a sustainable circular economy.

Signal effect for other industry leaders

Since the market launch of Jokey's first quality-sealed recycled packaging in 2019, JONAS is already the second customer for Jokey to join the RAL initiative. With this signal, expectations are high that other manufacturers will convert their packaging to post-consumer recycled materials and, thus, make another important contribution to a circular economy.

Jokey also cooperates with the Waste Free Oceans organisation (WFO) which aims to reduce the global impact of marine litter and is dedicated to transforming ocean plastic.