Versaflex TPE healthcare grades for medical fluid delivery systems

Versaflex TPE healthcare grades for medical fluid delivery systems
PolyOne GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers, a global leader in high-performance, custom-formulated thermoplastic elastomer solutions (TPEs) released the results of bondability studies that show the excellent performance of Versaflex HC TPEs using solventless, solvent-based, and heat welding adhesion methods.

The studies focused on bondability between Versaflex HC MT series TPEs and other materials, including various rigid plastics, metals and TPEs. Results of this initiative can help healthcare customers shorten development time and reduce testing costs for fluid delivery systems.

To conduct the studies, PolyOne worked with industry leaders in this field, including:
Henkel Corporation - this global leader in adhesive technologies generated data on solventless adhesion of Versaflex TPEs to various thermoplastics (including polyamide, high- and low-density polyethylene, acetal, polypropylene, polybutylene terephthalate), as well as galvanized steel and aluminum. Henkel conducted immediate, 24-hour and seven-day bond performance tests on Versaflex HC MT tubing using a range of its Locktite adhesives (UV curable, epoxy, urethane, and others).

Genesis Plastics Welding - a leading provider of contract plastics welding and manufacturing, Genesis evaluated the use of their ecoGenesis™ process with the Versaflex grades. Solventless adhesion such as heat welding is becoming increasingly popular in healthcare as an alternative to bonding plastic materials.

NDH Medical - a world-class contract medical device manufacturer, NDH worked with PolyOne to conduct internal solvent bonding tests of Versaflex with itself and with various substrates, including ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PC (polycarbonate).

“Processors, device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies have to determine which process is most effective for joining two materials,” said Rick Noller, director of global marketing, PolyOne GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers. “By taking the initiative to conduct these bondability studies, PolyOne reduces the amount of experimentation and testing customers may need to perform, accelerating their time to market.”


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