Vecoplan now offers material handling from a single source

Vecoplan now offers material…

Vecoplan presented its latest solutions for material handling at the IFAT trade fair. The engineering company has expanded its product line and now offers its customers end-to-end solutions. Users get a specially tailored system from a single source. These innovative solutions enable Vecoplan to serve its customers even better.

“Our new material handling solutions are a specific response to our customers’ requirements,” says sales manager Tim Hamer of Vecoplan’s Recycling and Waste division. “The addition of these key products to our product range has put us in an excellent position to solve their problems. Users can significantly improve the efficiency of their systems.” An example is the Vecoplan Discharge Floor (VDF), a flexible bin system that Vecoplan presented at IFAT in May. The system is designed to receive, store and transport a wide variety of materials in different s. Material can be fed by a crane or directly from a truck. “The bin system creates a homogeneous material flow: the dosing roller takes care of homogeneity, and the buffer ensures a supply of material for downstream processes,” says Hamer. This product has proved itself especially in waste-to-energy applications and in the cement industry. Vecoplan applied its many years of experience to the development of the new Discharge Floor and optimised this reliable technology.

Efficient reception and transfer of material

In past projects, Vecoplan built truck unloading stations from existing components for receiving material and passed the material to downstream conveyor systems. Now it has added a standardised solution to its product line: the Vecoplan Truck Unloader (VTU). The VTU can be tailored to individual processes, conveying routes, capacities and conditions. It is available in two variants: The VTU-S can receive various bulk materials from the moving-floor trailer of a truck and move them to the downstream conveying and storage system. The VTU-B transfers material via a truck’s moving floor or tipping mechanism to a bin with drag chain dischargers. “Both truck unloader variants are ideal for transporting refuse-derived fuels, biomass, used wood and wood chips,” explains Hamer. “Variant K additionally has a capacity of up to 100 cubic metres, allowing it to be used for intermediate storage and very quick access.” This saves operators a lot of time when unloading trucks.


Quiet, low-dust material transport

The VRF pipe belt conveyor system is ideal for clean, quiet conveyance of various bulk materials, including fuels derived from industrial waste, used tires, biomass and sawdust. Vecoplan offers this system in different versions and with various pipe diameters. An air cushion reduces friction, permitting high conveying capacities and extremely low power consumption even over inclines and distances exceeding 450 meters. The closed design of this system makes it a very clean transport solution. “We’ve now added another version to this series, the VRF-L,” says Hamer. “L stands for light and offers users a solution for longer conveyor routes. It can also be installed on existing belt conveyor galleries.” This innovation cuts costs and is suitable when near-ground installation is possible. “It broadens our product range and allows us to reach more industries,” says sales manager Hamer. “The VRF-L rounds off our portfolio, reinforces our position in the market for pipe belt conveyors and helps our customers when it comes to sustainable handling of materials.”

Vecoplan’s innovations strengthen its status as an all-in-one provider of complex solutions for reliable material handling. “Our new products are technically at the cutting edge and ecologically sustainable,” says Hamer. “Our many systems have demonstrated our expertise as a full-line suppler. Interested parties can contact us at any time to discuss their requirements and work out custom solutions.”

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