Thermolast K for aesthetic and overmolded dog toy

Thermolast K for aesthetic…

Kraiburg TPE has demonstrated its expertise in custom-engineered thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) by providing a compound tailored to the precise balance of hardness and flexibility for a durable dog toy in combination with superior adhesion to nylon and excellent colorability. In addition, the TPE material is manufactured in the U.S, addressing the preferences of many American pet owners for all-domestic products.

There is a growing awareness in the pet toys market for safe and sustainable materials that do not contain any hazardous substances while offering enhanced aesthetics and durability. When a U.S. manufacturer of dog chew toys approached Kraiburg TPE in search of a flexible compound to meet these requirements, Kraiburg TPE was up to the challenge. Key challenges included uncompromising processing characteristics, high flowability, tear strength, adhesion to Nylon 6 (PA6) and coloring.

“As a growing segment in the consumer market, pet toys require similar features of safety, sustainability and ruggedness as consumers would naturally expect from children’s toys,” says Kevin Gase, Sales and Marketing Director of Kraiburg TPE Americas. “At the same time, manufacturers need innovative materials that will meet their demands of cost-efficiency and help them strengthen their competitive edge.

With Thermolast K compounds, Kraiburg TPE supplied a solution that proved fully capable of living up to these expectations. Kraiburg TPE has extensive experience in hard/soft combinations with Thermolast K.

The thermoplastic elastomer can be precisely tailored to the hard material and eliminates the need for bonding agents even when overmolded to semi-crystalline resins, such PA6 or PA66. The wide range of proven applications spans from consumer care to power tools and automotive fasteners components.

Moreover, the natural grade selected for the dog treat conk can be colored in brilliant, rich shades and delivers a highly attractive as well as scratch resistant surface. Kraiburg TPE’s Thermolast K also shows excellent UV, ozone and weathering resistance. “In terms of mechanical properties, we were able to customize the compound to the exact level of hardness and flexibility required to achieve the desired soft feel and resilience,” notes Gase.

Another important specification to be met was the customer’s request for a “domestic” product in line with non-toxicity. The TPE compound is manufactured at the material supplier’s plant in Buford, Georgia, with strict standards of quality and purity. Materials of Kraiburg TPE are compliant to REACH and RoHS. We do not intentionally add phthalates, halogens, latex or heavy metals. And as a thermoplastic material, Thermolast K can be recycled at the end of its application life.

“In the dog toy project, we also supported the customer from material selection to final sampling, demonstrating the local reach of Kraiburg TPE’s global capabilities as a world leader in thermoplastic elastomers,” adds Gase.

Thermolast K from Kraiburg TPE meets the pet toys market segment for safe, sustainable and cost-efficient materials with excellent processability and aesthetics.