The new multi talent on the dryer market

The new multi talent on the dryer market
The new RDX-Series from Blue Air Systems, based on the 3D-Principle technology provides high efficiency and performance in material drying with compressed air.

Blue Air Systems present a new series of dryers based on the 3D-compressed-air-principle at the Fakuma 2011 exhibition. The new RDX-Series is built up completely modularized and offers the option to create 38 different hopper sizes.

This innovative modularity allows the processors to adapt the drying performance to the individual production requirements only with a few base modules. Therewith the processor is able to react to different shot weights, and changes of material. RDX replaced the former Xpert series and convinces with process technical advantages.

The innovative RDX-generation is the first new development in compressed air dryers made by the „makers“ of the compressed air technology” – a strategic union of the enterprises Blue Air Systems and Industrial Systems, out of the Fasti succession. The two technical heads, Alexander Lintner and Bernhard Auer, comment the new direction in compressed air technology: „The RDX-System shows - we are the original and the drivers of this technology. We are convinced of our new 3D-compressed air-principle for better, more efficient and constant drying performance.”

The new multi talent on the dryer market

The modular RDX-series consists of 4 main components: compressed air module, material hopper, dryer lid and hopper extension. This allows very quick changes of the hopper sizes and superior accessibility for maintenance. The RDX offers clean conditions for the material flow and excellent drying performance based on the compressed air principle. Fluctuations in drying batches caused by residual moisture are very well manageable with the RDX. According to the manufacturer and pilot customers, the new RDX dryer works more energy efficient and cares more for the drying material in relation to other comparable dryers on the market.

Procedurally seen, the RDX takes a new direction: All relevant process factors of the compressed air drying were optimized based on efficiency of a single resin corn. According to the manufacturer the 3D-principle deals with three process parameters: isolation or contained conditions of material and environment through thermal decoupling, homogeneously temperature control through consistent air-distribution via a ring-jet system and an intelligent, sensor controlled compressed air flow. Target is to dehumidify every single resin particle profoundly. According to Alexander Lintner, the integral part of the new development is a ring jet system which allows a “multi radial air stream” for the resin. The stream in conventional compressed air dryers on the market runs mono-radial, with a radial decreasing drying performance.

All-rounder in principle
The RDX-series has an intelligent compressed air module for the drying process with display and controlling function. This module provides an effective and considerate handling of the material during the whole process. You can choose between two modes, normal and expert’s mode. The expert-mode is able to manage challenging materials like TPE, high-temperature thermoplastics like PEEK or filled materials better. Usage comfort and functionality were important targets for Blue Air. Significant improvement in ergonomics/user-friendliness could be achieved with new swiveling and removable display elements. Large displays which are readable from a 15m distance allow an efficient and secure process monitoring. This leads to short intervention times for the operating staff and a better overview.

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