Sylumis LED systems with PolyOne's thermally conductive polymer

Sylumis LED systems with PolyOne's… Sylumis, a leading manufacturer of LED lighting systems, has successfully replaced metal with a thermally conductive polymer solution from PolyOne Corporation in a new, larger model of its Orion range of LED spot lamps. Replacing metal with PolyOne's Therma-Tech conductive polymer enables Sylumis to manufacture these LED (light emitting diode) lamps more efficiently and with even more innovative designs.

"PolyOne has a wealth of experience in metal replacement projects, and Sylumis tapped into this experience to make its Orion LED lamp project a great success. Transitioning from metal to specialty engineered polymer solutions helps our customers meet its goals for efficient manufacturing, innovative design and weight savings," said Holger Kronimus, VP Europe and general manager, Specialty Engineered Materials, Europe for PolyOne.

"Quality, technical innovation and sustainability are the three pillars of our company, and collaborating with PolyOne on this metal replacement project helped us in all three areas. The transition from metal to a specialty engineered polymer solution maintained the high quality of our Orion spot lamps, enabled us to set new industry standards for innovative design, and led to more efficient manufacturing that helps us save energy during production," added Jean-Luc Berthet-Bondet, director at Sylumis.

With 32.4W of power, this new addition to the Orion range of LED spot lamps offers significantly more lighting performance than the 9W and 18W models already offered. PolyOne supported the design and production engineers at Sylumis with thermal simulation and mold flow projections to help the manufacturer optimize the geometry, heat transfer and manufacturability of the heat sinks on these lamps. The Therma-Tech conductive formulation selected for these LED lamps outperforms aluminum, the material traditionally used in heat sinks, with a 25% increase in heat exchange surface area and a 9% reduction in weight.

The specialty polymer solution from PolyOne meets relevant safety standards, including a UL94-V0 flame class rating at 3mm thickness, and offers Sylumis significant production efficiencies via injection molding in place of metal forming.



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