Succulent and natural products for P.E.T. Engineering's first project in Israel

Succulent and natural products… Prigat is the leading brand in Israel in the category of fruit juice, with 30% of market share, appreciated and loved by consumers of all ages for over 70 years.

The company uses only quality fruit and, after being the first to bring to the market local products without additives and preservatives, decided to strengthen, in 2014, its position through a rebranding that could emphasize the strong bond that unifies its products and colored fruits generously offered by nature.

P.E.T. Engineering was asked to align the renewed image and packaging that, with its square and lack of distinctive visual elements, appeared old fashioned, unattractive to the eye and not very easy to handle when pouring.

By redesigning the shape, the designers of P.E.T. Engineering wanted to emphasize the size of the naturalness inspired by the soft lines and the roundness of the fruit with which the juices are made.

The bottle, tall and slender, is pulpy and rich to the touch thanks to the decorations with rounded edges that run along the body and leaving in the middle a straight surface that makes the bottle easy to grip and allowing plenty of room for the brand label.

The bottle, developed in sizes 0.5 and 1.5 l filled aseptically, presents the patented solution Sunbase which avoids any extroversion of the base caused by the use of nitrogen in the filling stage, and ensures stability both on the production line and on the consumer's table. Moreover, the new design allows to reduce the carbon footprint of each bottle thanks to the 20% plastic saving if compared to the previous square bottle.

P.E.T. Engineering