SmartWire-DT wiring system in plastics production facility

Increasing plant up-time and improving safety

The use of Eaton PKE motor-protective circuit-breakers allowed expanded drive monitoring. Diagnostic, status and overload messages show the actual flow of current and the status of the trip device. This information is displayed and analysed via the SmartWire-DT system without the need for additional components.

By operating the PKE as a motor protection relay rather than a breaker, in the event of a jammed barrel on the transportation system the relay will open until the obstruction is removed. The control panel can then be used to switch the motor back on, rather than having to wait for an electrician to restart production. This not only reduces downtime, but enables the PKE device to be mounted in locations that are not readily accessible.

Previously, if an emergency button was activated, the entire transportation system stopped. Restart was only possible from a central location. Now, individual safety zones have been created by using power-feed modules to supply power to the switchgear using SmartWire-DT. In the event of an emergency stop, only the relevant power-feed module and the high-level redundant group contactor to that particular zone are switched off. Authorisation to re-start is available from the operator control panel.


Using Eaton technology, BASF has reduced downtime in their barrel transportation system. SmartWire-DT simplified the upgrade, and the use of individual drive current measurement has allowed faults to be localised and rectified faster. Implementing motor protection relays in place of breakers enables an overload condition to be remedied, with motor reset via a control panel. This avoids the need for maintenance personnel having to first reset a protection switch, and hence production is quickly restarted. It also reduces the need to call in electricians during the night and at weekends.


Via gateways, SmartWire-DT can be connected with all standard fieldbus systems, e.g. with Profinet as at BASF

Source: Eaton