Slovnaft builds logistic plant for PE production

Slovnaft builds logistic plant for PE production
In early June Slovnaft, a.s. reached one of the milestones in the construction of the logistics plant for the new polyethylene production plant LDPE 4. The contractor, the German Talke Group, completed the installation of 28 silos, where low density polyethylene will be stored and subsequently dispatched to customers. The construction of the logistics infrastructure is continuing according to plan and it should be commissioned along with the new LDPE 4 production plant in the second quarter of 2015.

Storage silos are a key part of the logistics plant and are directly linked to the polyethylene production line with an annual capacity of 220,000 tons. The total storage capacity of 28 silos represents 13,500 tons of polyethylene. Part of the logistical plant is also a new warehouse, where polyethylene will be packed in bags and stored, loading ramps for their shipping and transport system.

For Talke, one of the world's leading logistics service and consultancy providers for the chemical and petrochemical industries in European countries, the Arabian Gulf and Asia, the construction of the logistics plant in Slovnaft is currently its largest European project.

By 2015, Slovnaft will invest more than 300 million euros in the production of basic plastics. The construction costs for the LDPE 4 line alone will exceed 200 million euros. The reconstruction of the ethylene unit for processing primary gasoline and gas, from which raw materials are produced and designated in particular for the production of polyethylene and polypropylene, as well as the construction of the associated logistics infrastructure in the form of a storage ethylene tank, polyethylene silos for storage, and packing lines, will require another 100 million euros.