Sabic IP: price increase for technical thermoplastics

Sabic IP: price increase for…
In letters sent out to its European clients, Sabic Innovative Plastics (Bergen op Zoom / The Netherlands) announced several price increases for its technical thermoplastics, effective 11 January 2010.

The hike includes a EUR 130/t increase in all Lexan polycarbonate resins and copolymers, including the blends Cycoloy (PC/ABS), Xenoy (PC/PBT) and Xylex (PC/PET). In addition, prices for the styrene and polyester products Cycolac, Geloy, Valox, Noryl and Norly GTX will increase by EUR 100/t. Furthermore, Sabic Innovative Plastics will charge 5% more on all LNP and LNP compounds.