SABIC’s new cast film resin stretches the limits in cost and energy efficiency

SABIC’s new cast film resin…
SABIC - a global plastics industry leader - today introduced SABIC LLDPE 430BE: the new, cost-effective, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) resin for cast film applications.

SABIC LLDPE 430BE meets the market challenges offering excellent mechanical properties, outstanding quality consistency, improved stiffness and the potential to improve line speeds considerably. This combination of properties opens up new opportunities for noticeably energy and material savings – which supports converters to improve their cost efficiency as well as their sustainability performance. “This new cast film resin is a very pure grade with a controlled low gel level. It makes, SABIC LLDPE 430BE a reliable and consistent product ensuring smooth processing. Moreover it optimizes energy and material usage” comments Krzysztof Rozensal, Technical Marketing Engineer LLDPE SABIC.

Due to its increased density, SABIC LLDPE 430BE is excellent to be used in differential cling stretch film applications, as “low cling” outerlayer. The high quality consistency and specific design of SABIC LLDPE 430BE enables converters to improve line speeds without compromising on a stable and consistent manufacturing process. The usage of SABIC LLDPE 430BE as side-encapsulator combined with proven quality of SABIC LLDPE 318BE and SABIC LLDPE 6318BE makes cast film line speeds up to 1000m/min feasible. “This clearly proves the value of this grade, in an industry that is continuously aiming for higher speeds” explains Rozensal.

Next to a wide area of stretch film applications, SABIC LLDPE 430BE can also be used for hygienic cast film applications and thermoforming sheets. SABIC LLDPE 430BE enables converters to increase the stiffness of the film which results in further down gauging possibilities. “Our new cast film product supports our customers achieving a more efficient and more environmentally friendly production process” says Rozensal.

SABIC also offers dedicated support to enable the use of SABIC LLDPE 430BE in the most stringent food applications.